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Archie's Journey

Archie's Journey

“ Can You Help me on my journey home to Mikey? ”

- Archie

  • Mikey , 5

    • leukemia
    • I wish to have a puppy!

Hi, I’m Archie and I’m a Make-A-Wish pup from New York!

I was going to join my forever home in New York, but something in my heart told me that a very special boy needed me even sooner. That boy is Mikey!  Mikey is a 5 year-old from New Mexico!

Mikey doesn’t know it yet, but once he gets home from the hospital we are going to be best friends forever.  So my journey from New York to New Mexico starts today!

There is something happening in the human world that makes my journey home to Mikey, a little longer and more expensive, but I am not too worried because where there is a wish there is a way.

I can’t wait to meet Mikey. He has been wishing for me, and I know that we will have so much fun.  Something tells me I am in for a bunch of snuggles, kisses and giggles!

Can you help me on my journey home to Mikey?

Any donations no matter what size, will help me and my new best friend! Make-A-Wish New Mexico is buying me lots of things so when I finally get to meet Mikey, it is stress-free! Donations will go toward things like my transportation, TOYS, collar & leash, grooming supplies, food, TREATS, a comfy bed & blanket, vet care, AND even puppy school! Any left over money will go toward helping fund the next special wish!

You can be a part of Archie's journey by donating or joining his fundraising team at:

Archie's Journey

Where there is a wish, there is a way. ”

— Archie

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